Project ZEBO

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Il Casale del Giglio has joined the project ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra), supporting the first orchestra with zero impact. ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra) Ensemble is a professional who works with zero impact and that this is in his identity as well as its strong point. Cultural activity that can and will become a vehicle for an ethical message. If we think of culture as both personal baggage, both as corporate assets, that the relationship between the individual and the environment that surrounds it, here ...

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Excellence Certification 2014 Casale del Giglio

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Il Casale del Giglio was among the winners of the structures excellence award TripAdvisor for the year 2014, achieving its ...

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Dates of Christmas

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During the holiday season there are many religious events, recreational and tourist attractions in the program in the province of La Spezia and Lunigiana. Used in more than spending a few days in beautiful locations and evocative settings. Among the most striking installations we recommend the crib of Manarola, set up on the hill overlooking the sea of ​​the Cinque Terre in paeseino, a moving spectacle ee suggestive that during the night shines like a giant lighthouse by the sea, while from the country ...

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The Casale del Giglio opens its doors!

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We! We have finally completed all the paperwork completed and all the little internal work still outstanding. We are pleased with the work, and we hope that our customers can “listen” the enthusiasm and passion that we put in setting the spaces that we have created for them. We wanted to give a special flavor to each room, carefully choosing colors and furnishings… and now the! We thank all the friends who helped and supported. We expect!

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Opening soon

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It’ planned to open the facility in the coming days. It’ You can book online from the page ebooking. We apologize for the delay with all customers who have contacted us in recent months. We have delayed to make it even more enjoyable at the Roadhouse, treating in detail the latest details. See you soon

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Finally, we have chosen to place all the furniture in the rooms. We have devoted much time and energy in choosing the elements to create a relaxing environment, pleasing and yet functional and comfortable. We have added elements of style and eras, trying to give character and elegance to our rooms. Just like we have furnished our home. To stay even more rewarding experience and serene! Here are some pictures of the items ...

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Il Casale del Giglio – completion of work!

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We! The building was completed in the structural parts and coatings. We have taken much care in the choice of pairings, in the arrangement of every detail. And we are satisfied! The natural materials we have chosen have proved very effective and pleasant. Despite the physical effort and supported economic think our ideas were actually translated into reality. Still lacking the finishing touches: The painting of rendered and testing of ...

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Il Casale del Giglio – work in progress . Paying attention to the recovery of the existing stonework, where possible, we built the stone-coated steel in the structural parts completely rebuilt. The stone used was that of the quarries in the coastal area, characterized by a high specific weight and a color tending to black. This is valuable material used extensively in the past centuries ...

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The Logo

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We have worked extensively on the logo of the Casale. Design Consulting provided us with a valid and wonderful alternative to the idea that nicely fit a little’ minimalist and elegant that we wanted. The two letters crossed elegantly shaping an overall shape fitomorfa (the lily). The monogram is characterized by an elegant, understated character, with two primary colors that blend perfectly. The logo symbolizes the union between the old and new in a modern synthesis of the ...

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Il Casale

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This is the dream of a family. It’ the effort and the sacrifice of three generations of workers and peasants, which translates in'un enterprise transformation and renewal of the traditions and places of our family. We decided to restructure, I should say to reconstruct, the building that housed the cellars of my grandfather Giglio, to make a simple but elegant accommodation. Why so imagine it and why we believe this is our style. In homage to honest, good and important ...

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