The Casale del Giglio - work in progress

In the construction of Casale del Giglio are using materials natural.

Paying attention to the recovery of the existing stonework, where possible, we have integrated the 'steel clad in stone in the structural parts completely rebuilt.

The stone used was that of the quarries in the coastal area, characterized by a high specific weight and a color tending to black. This is valuable material used extensively in the past centuries in homes and monuments of the eastern Ligurian Riviera.

Another widely used material is the wood. We chose the chestnut, although more expensive than most used fir, because he liked his cut "imperfect" and its characteristic color. The floors are made entirely of wood, as well as the roof.

The farmhouse will fixtures in wood and marbles natural. We have selected the products that best complement the structure and places. Will be made in Rome on precise details of the design. The marbles were quarried travertine.

The building will have a high class efficiency and low emissions.

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