Il Casale

Il Casale

This is the dream of a family. And 'the effort and sacrifice of three generations of workers and peasants, which translates in'un enterprise transformation and renewal of the traditions and places of our family.

We decided to restructure, I should say to reconstruct, the building that housed the cellars of my grandfather Giglio, to make a simple but elegant accommodation. Why so imagine it and why we believe this is our style.

In homage to honest, good and important of his grandfather, and to try to keep alive the link with the past and our traditions, family and territory, We wanted to give his name to the structure arising. The Casale del Giglio was born then so, our intention.

I write on the pages of the new site, which has not yet logo and images, offline, As a travelogue, prospective customers to evoke the spirit and emotion which brought about this company.

The workers are laying the foundations today ...,it.

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