Project ZEBO

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Il Casale del Giglio has joined the project ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra), supporting the first orchestra with zero impact. ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra) Ensemble is a professional who works with zero impact and that this is in his identity as well as its strong point. Cultural activity that can and will become a vehicle for an ethical message. If we think of culture as both personal baggage, both as corporate assets, that the relationship between the individual and the environment that surrounds it, here is that the orchestra can become, through ...

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Finally, we have chosen to place all the furniture in the rooms. We have devoted much time and energy in choosing the elements to create a relaxing environment, pleasing and yet functional and comfortable. We have added elements of style and eras, trying to give character and elegance to our rooms. Just like we have furnished our home. To stay even more rewarding experience and serene! Here are some pictures of pieces of furniture placed in the rooms

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Il Casale del Giglio – work in progress . Paying attention to the recovery of the existing stonework, where possible, we built the stone-coated steel in the structural parts completely rebuilt. The stone used was that of the quarries in the coastal area, characterized by a high specific weight and a color tending to black. This is valuable material used extensively in the past centuries in homes and monuments of the Ligurian Riviera ...

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