Project ZEBO

cropped-zebologo2Il Casale del Giglio has joined the project ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra), supporting the first orchestra with zero impact.

ZEBO (Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra) Ensemble is a professional who works with zero impact and that this is in his identity as well as its strong point. Cultural activity that can and will become a vehicle for an ethical message.

If we think of culture as both personal baggage, both as corporate assets, that the relationship between the individual and the environment that surrounds it, here is that the orchestra can become, through the public performance, a vehicle sufficiently refined and effective to be able to expand as much as possible these ideals.

ZEBO want to join a worldwide movement that seeks to achieve a balance between human activity and the ecosystem so much in the defense of culture, that is our soul, because of the nature, that is our home, our food and our oxygen, demonstrating with his activities that you can work without destroying.

All of the CO2 emissions produced to create the events will be offset by ZEBO by funding reforestation equivalent. Addressing specialized companies ZEBO finance the reforestation of areas guaranteed; All reforested areas are automatically protected parks so building it exploitable for destructive human activities of the area and nature.

The components of Zebo are musicians who come from previous musical experiences and professional and well-established in the music and baroque antiocva. At the core founder alongside many musicians who, as well as having specific experience in the field, want to adhere fully to the principles and mission of Zebo.