La Spezia and the Gulf of Poets

The Gulf of Poets is enchanting mosaic of villages, city, natural environments, culture and traditions that coexist in the territory of La Spezia, from capital, La Spezia, along the two wings of the Gulf, inland, the plain. A varied landscape but firmly tied to an ancient culture and rooted.



The Cinque Terre

Beautiful seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Unesco heritage, and namesake park. Sky and mare Terre work, where the terraces overlooking the sea remind us of the tenacity and strength of the people who ripped the nature of those plots of land clinging and suspended above the hills. The villages are nestled between rock and sea pearls, eternally unique and unrepeatable.

The Val di Magra

The Valley of the Magra is a land where the river, hill, plain and sea coexist harmoniously in an exchange of cultures, traditions and flavors. From the beaches bordering the Versilia Hills of the Sun and its wines, its olive trees, until the flood plain of the Magra, studded with rich history of urban settlements.

The Val di Vara

The beauty and simplicity of the hills behind the Gulf of La Spezia are represented by Val di Vara. A splendid green valley of the river Vara, rich history and traditions of rural, of old farm villages, where nature and history are accompanied by a proverbial hospitality.