Normativa Bed and Breakfast – Region Liguria

REGIONAL LAW 28 January 2000 n. 05
Integration of the regional law 25 May 1992 n. 13 (discipline of facilities extralberghiere)



Article 13 to
(Family operated business)

1. Business accommodation is family named “bed & breakfast” that carried on by private, with an occasional or intermittent, making use of their family organization, use part of their house, up to a maximum of three rooms, to provide tourists with accommodation and breakfast.

2. The breakfast service is provided with food and beverages that do not require manipulation.

3. The accommodation services must include the following minimum services:

a) daily cleaning;

b) supply and linen change, including the bathroom, least twice a week and at every change customer;

c) constant supply of electricity for lighting, hot and cold water and heating;

d) a bathroom, also coincident with that of the dwelling, provided that consists of w.c., bidet, sink, bathtub or shower and mirror with power supply.

4. The activities referred to in subsection 1 may be exercised upon notice to the City, Article 19 Law 7 August 1990 n. 241 and subsequent amendments, showing:

a) generality and address of the person intends to carry out the activity;

b) number of rooms, beds and toilet facilities available to guests;

c) description of the furnishings and any services offered;

d) period of activity;

and) meet the requirements of Article 11 of the Consolidated Law on Public Safety approved by Royal Decree 18 June 1931 n. 773 and subsequent amendments.

5. The City shall within sixty days to submit a specific site inspection for the purpose of confirming the exercise of, notifying the Region and the company responsible for the area of ​​tourism promotion. Any variation of the elements contained in the notice of commencement of the activity is notified within ten days from its occurrence to the City which provides the same manner.

6. The premises to be allocated to the activity referred to in paragraph 1 must meet the sanitary and residential building intended for use by municipal regulations.

7. For reporting and publication of prices, and attendance and supervision and control of, the provisions of Articles 23, 24 and 27.

8. Any person conducting the activities referred to in subsection 1 without prior notice to the City, or fails to perform as indicated further communication of change, shall be punished by the penalty provided for in Article 30, comma 1. They are also subject to the penalties specified in Article 30, Sections 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

9. For the purposes of this Article shall be read for hospitality on an occasional or infrequent that exercised for no more than two hundred forty days per year, also consecutive.”